The Professional Health Retreat in East & Central Africa

Mediva wellness centre is a première health retreat that caters to your wellness in regard to Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Psychosis, Mental health and Substance abuse. We also provide Employee awareness programs, youth and adolescent programs, concierge counselling and psycho education services.
-we will walk with you through your wellness journey-

Alcohol/Drug Addiction & Withdrawal Therapy

Alcohol and drug addiction can show itself in a variety of ways. The severity, frequency of use, type of alcohol consumed or substance abused varies from one person to the next..

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Psychiatric Facility

We are able to cater and provide sufficient and professional help to
those with various psychotic disorders, their needs and their families. Outpatient clinic assessment is also available

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Mental Health Treatments

Many people diagnosed with depression, bipolar mood disorder, anxiety, stress etc. can achieve strength and recovery through our specialized treatment.

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Detox Program

Our detox program is designed to safely and effectively guide patients through this critical first phase of treatment.

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Licensed by the Kenya Medical Practitioners & Dentists Board and NACADA

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