Supervised Excersions

Our residential rehabilitative process requires that the clients stay within the facility for stipulated periods of time for them to undergo the rehabilitative and recovery process. We at MediVa have arranged supervised weekend excursions to:

Internationally. the Fourteen Falls are the most famous falls in Thika. Foreign tourists have dedicated blog posts and articles to the experience they had in Fourteen Falls. Fourteen Falls are located around 65 Km from Nairobi and less than 15 Km from Thika Town along the Thika Garissa Highway. The falls overlooks the famous Kilimambogo Hill that is visible from all the areas along the Thika Super Highway. The Falls are near the border between Thika and Machakos Districts. The name originates from the 14 successive falls filled with thousands of litres of water that make up the Athi River. The fast flowing water pounds more than 25 meters into the large pool at the base of the fall. The loud thundering sound is heard kilometers away which makes the experience unforgettable.

Located 65 kilometres from Nairobi off the Thika-Garissa Road and 15 kilometres from Thika town, Mt Kilimambogo is at the heart of the Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park – a park which has a rich history and beauty that stands out in contrast with its dusty neighbourhood. The expansive farm that now hosts the national park was once home to William Macmillan, a game hunter from America, who visited and decided to settle in Kenya in 1901.

These excursions give the patient an opportunity to experience the scenic sites in and around Thika town, under supervision, as part of our social and physical holistic approach to treatment.

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